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Portfolio - Awards, Publications & Achievements



Fellowship Award:                                         British Society of Periodontology:

£100,000 Research Grant:                          Institut Straumann, randomised control trial grant

O.I.A. Award                                                  Queen Mary University of London:  

Sir Wilfred Fish Award finalist British         Society of Periodontology:



Peer Reviewer for  Journal of Dentistry


Queen Mary Postgraduate Representative


Goodenough College Members’ Council Chair


British Dental Association Students Conference Committee


Submitted or in preparation for publication


                          Randomised Control Clinical Trial comparing Membragel & Bio-gide in post extraction socket healing

                          Novel technique in the use of membrane agent in socket preservation

                          Resin bonded zirconia cantilever bridge survival

                          Systematic review - use of chlorhexidine as adjunct agent in orthodontics


2015:     JClin Perio                            (2015 Jun; 42(s17): 414):            Affect of labial bone thickness on implant aesthetics

2015:     Dent Update                       (2015 Jan-Feb; 42(1):68-77:        Role of implants post dento-alveolar trauma: Pt 2

2014:     Dent Update                       (2014 Dec; 41(10):920-30:         Role of implants post dento-alveolar trauma: Pt 1

2013:     Clin Oral Impl Res              (2013 Oct; 24 s93: 22-26):          Aesthetic outcome of adjacent implants in maxilla

2013:     IPJ Dent & Oral Med           (2013 Jun; 3: 653):                       Labial bone thickness of implants in aesthetic zone

2012:     J Clin Perio                           (2012 Jun; 39(s13): 92):              Role of P. gingivalis SerB in murine periodontitis

2011:     William Harvey presentation                                                     Drug induced gingival overgrowth case report

2005:     Postgraduate Dentist        (2004 Apr: 1: 5-6):                         Computers in Dentistry

2004:     BDA Launchpad                  (2003 Sep: 10: 13-15):                 Travelling Abroad for Electives  

2003:     J Dent Res                            (2003 Jun: 82(1 Suppl): B-234):  Retrospective Study of Coagulation Disorders 

2001:     BDJ                                        (2001 Nov; 191(9):476-7):          Assessment of CAL


2001:     Computer Aided Learning for the undergraduate dental student              

Oral Presentations


2013:    British Society of Periodontology Autumn Meeting


2013:     European Association for Osseointegration:        Aesthetics of adjacent implants in aesthetic zone


2013:     Osteology International Symposium :                     Tissue versus bone level guided bone regeneration

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